Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new niece

Here she is.  She is perfect and we love her so much!  I just wish I didn't have two crazy boys that are really loud, bc then I could stay and hold her ALL day.

Holding sweet babies like Addie makes me want to have another ~ oh no!!!!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Site

I have a new site called Green Boot Living.  Real Food, Country Style, Green Living.  Come check it out!
Not sure why these pictures are showing below.  Sorry!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top 10 Probiotic Foods

1. Amasai- Contains over 30 live probiotic cultures, and this cultured beverage also contains pre-digested proteins that make it highly digestible.  Amasai does not allow any abnormal bacteria to thrive in the digestive tract.
2. Really Raw Cheese- A source of probiotics and nutrients.  With its portability, ease of storage, and calcium and fat-soluble vitamins, raw cheese is an awesome probiotic rich food.
3. Cultured Whey- Which can be found in Suero Viv, contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotic microorganisms.
4. Cultured Veggies- such as kimchi, organic soy sauce, and properly prepared sauerkraut, add spice and vigor to meals.
5. Kvass- A Russian staple of refreshment for centuries, has a malty taste with a sweet finish and light sparkle.  This probiotic beverage of the first rank is slowly finding its way into health food stores across America.  Nourishing Traditions Cookbook has a great recipe for Kvass.
6. Natto- A fermented soy bean paste with an unappetizing smell, is full of Bacilus subtilis spores as well as other wonderful probiotic nutrients.  You'll have to shop at Asian markets or other well stocked natural food stores.
7. Probiotic Salsa- may resemble commercial salsa, but that is where the similarity ends.  Rejuvenative Foods makes Jordan's favorite salsa.
8. Kefir- A probiotic fermented milk drink made by kefir grains.  This beverage led to Jordan's health comeback after he was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease
9. Kombucha- Also from Russia, more widely known.  Fizzy fermented beverage is made from black or green tea and a fungus culture.
10. Yogurt- Deserves to be on any Top 10 list,  especially if you can find sheep's milk or goat's milk yogurt.

By Jordan Rubin p 88 of Live Beyond Organic.
My goal is to eat a serving of a probiotic food/beverage with each meal.  I usually hit this goal pretty easily.  I think I am "overeating" when it comes to probiotics- which of course is a good thing.  I used to take probiotic capsules that are VERY expensive, but now I consume my probiotics with my meals.  It saves me money and it is much healthier this way.  There are amazing sources of healthy probiotics in many foods.  Go give them a try if you haven't already.  You will feel better and stay well!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Sicky

Well my husband has caught the flu this week.  The interesting thing is that he is the only one in the house that is sick.  Myself and the boys are doing sequential homeopathy each month.  Maybe that is the difference.  Right now Grant and Garrett are going thru the Miasms.  Grant is clearing the Tuberculium Miasm and Garrett is just starting his first round and he is clearing the Psora Miasm.  Psora is the first miasm.  This is the miasm of the skin.  If u want to learn more about this- u can check out .   Our practitioner is Rudi and he is awesome.  The boys are doing great.  Which is why it is strange that my husband has come down with the flu.  Usually the parents get it from the kids, not the other way around. It is a bad case, but an easy flu to treat because the symptoms are so severe.  The more specific the better.
Bones Breaking= Eupatorium P. is known for prompt manner in which it relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies influenza
Fever= Belladona is always associated with hot, red skin, restless sleep (he got up all thru the night making noises
Sore throat radiating to the ears/ really bad breath =Mercurius Solubilis 
Sharp Pain in neck/ stiff= Bryonia
Needs a pick me up/ better but can't get over the hump= Gelsemium.  This remedy is my favorite.  We are out so I need to go pick some up tomorrow.
 The flu is so easy to treat naturally.  If u have any flu questions.  Send them my way! Stay healthy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Key nutrients for brain development

Vitamin A- Cod liver oil; liver, butter and egg yolks
Vitamin D- Cod liver oil, shellfish; lard, butter and egg yolks 
Choline- Cod liver oil; egg yolks from grass-fed animals

DHA- Cod liver oil; liver, butter, and egg yolks

Zinc- Red meat of grass-fed animals, shellfish
Tryptophan- Meat of grass-fed animals
Cholesterol- Seafood; dairy foods, eggs and meat of grass-fed animals

This article is about how we can eat well but still be malnourished.  Here is the article.  Everyone should go check it out.  A lot of these important nutrients are only found in meat, seafood, and dairy products.  The key is that these animals are grass-fed.  It is important that the nutrients from the grass are part of the diet of the animals: cows and chickens (seafood should be wild).  Then the eggs, meat, and dairy are fully packed with with vitamins and nutrients.  Vitamin A only occurs in animal foods.  Babies and growing children right up to age 18 need more vitamin A in their diet as a function of body weight than adults do.  You can give a baby as much or more cod liver oil on a body-weight basis as an adult.  It is fine because they really need that vitamin A.  The books on infant feeding back in the 1930s and 1940s recommended 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil per day for infants over 3 months old.  Vitamin A is an important part of our families diet.  Make sure it is part of yours!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Seuro Viv Cleanses the Body

We love Suero Viv in our home.  I started to drink 2 a day and within 4 days I had lost 2 pounds.  The weight I lost was water weight and excess fluid retention.  I look and feel great.  Most Americans are Potassium deficient which is the mineral that is needed to help the body rid itself of the excess salt/sodium/ fluid in the tissues.  Anywhere there is extra "blubber" or cellulite there is also extra sodium .  It is not about consuming less salt to solve this problem.  It is all about consuming more potassium.  Now you can go out and buy lots of Potassium supplements to take each day, or you can consume this amazing electrolyte beverage that is packed with Potassium and other important minerals.  Here is a quick list of some of the other great benefits of Suero Viv.  You can check out the product here.

Benefits of Suero Viv

     Regenerates the intestinal flora
·       Eliminates excess fluid from tissues
·       Powerful anti-microbial properties
·       Powerful anti-oxidant concentrates
·       Enhanced circulation
·       Reduce muscle spasms
·       Mega-doses of electrolytes
·       Promotes stable blood sugar
·       Enhance fat metabolism

Monday, January 23, 2012

Constitutional Remedies

I have been reading up on constitutional remedies lately in a book called, "The Homeopathic Treatment of Children- Pediatric Constitutional Types" by Paul Herscu N.D.  For those that are wondering what in the heck is a constitutional remedy...let me explain.  "A constitutional remedy is a remedy that works on a deep cellular level to bring the body and emotions back to a state of health and balance.  By doing so it makes the whole system more resistant to disease. To find your constitutional remedy you will need to see a trained homeopathic physician. They will ask you many questions, some may seem irrelevant. Constitutional remedies are deep and long acting. Many people find that it is useful to get a "constitutional tune-up" once a year or at the change of the seasons" from here.
In this book, this doctor describes in detail the different constitutional types for children.  Over many years of practice, 80% of his patients fall into 8 categories/remedies (6 of which I am going to cover): Calcarea Carbonica, Lycopodium, Natrum muriaticum, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, and Sulphur.  The funny thing is that Grant and I have the constitution Silica (which is not listed here, but is a very close resemblance to Pulsatilla).  Garrett is my Sulphur child. 
Here is a brief summary of each.
1. Calc Carb  - These are healthy children with strong personalities that lead to strong wills, obstinacy, and independence.  They tend to be plodders and have delayed mental development.  They fear insects, scary stories, and ghosts; they are fascinated with the supernatural.  
2. Lyc- These children have two aspects: an anxious, insecure, indecisive side that makes them seem weak; and an irritable, bossy side that makes them seem tyrannical.  It is the interplay of these two aspects that gives the major clue to this remedy.  They fear strangers, failing, being in the doctors office- all fears are better if an adult is present.  Dyslexia is common. 
3. Nat Mur-  These are perfectionistic, introverted children who are well groomed, self- conscious, and fearful of ridicule.  They feel sadness deeply, become depressed, and blame themselves for any disaster that befalls the family.  They refuse consolation. 
4. Phos-  These are friendly, good natured, extroverted, excitable children.  They complain of many fears, especially of the dark, thunderstorms, insects, their family's well-being, and an ominous, unknown something that will "get" them.  All complaints are ameliorated by consolation.  I have a nephew that fits this constitution exactly. 
5. Puls- These are mild, timid, pleasant, clingy children whose emotions rule them.  They undergo vast mood changes and especially exhibit weepiness.  They fear abandonment and are jealous of younger siblings.  These states are ameliorated by consolation.  
6. Sul- These are extroverted curious children.  They tend to be leaders and are independent and perhaps haughty. Occasionally they become hyperactive and break all the rules of the house.  Activities are done with exuberance and tireless fun.  They can become lazy and procrastinate.  The cerebral type is shyer and neater, though still haughty.  They fear heights.  

These summaries are meant as an aid to myself.  We use a homeopathic doctor and I give my boys their constitutional remedies often- like today.  And boy do I notice a difference- a positive one!!  They are each less emotional, less crying, less complaining, less fighting.  Of course, these remedies help with lingering illnesses.  Cleared up Garrett's slight wet cough.  Today was a great day thanks to Puls 1M and Sul 1M.