Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Someone with a real cause...

I have recently learned about a Floridian that is passionate about many of the same things that I am passionate.  The biggest difference between us....he is a multi-millionaire!  His name is Jordan Rubin.
Jordan’s Story
Jordan grew up in a health-conscious family. His father, trained as a naturopathic doctor and chiropractor, taught Jordan the principles of natural health at an early age. At age 19, Jordan- -then a freshman at Florida State University--saw his health suddenly deteriorate, including an alarming weight loss of 80 pounds. He experienced excruciating digestive pain and nausea before he was ultimately diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a supposedly incurable chronic illness that wreaks havoc on the digestive and immune systems. Wheelchair-bound and wasting away, Jordan's weight bottomed out at 104 pounds. He was told by a doctor that it was "the worst case of Crohn's" he had ever seen, and that he did not expect Jordan to live much longer.
Despite this grim diagnosis, Jordan and his family were determined to fight the disease. They sought the help of over 70 conventional and alternative medical experts, but to no avail. After numerous hospitalizations and nearly two years of pain and suffering, Jordan's quest for answers concluded with a visit to a California nutritionist. The man, who Jordan credits as the inspiration for his dramatic health turnaround, simply told Jordan that he was not healthy because he was not following a health plan based on the bible, proven through history, and confirmed by science.
Inspired by this advice, Jordan meticulously studied hundreds of biblical references about living a healthy lifestyle. He revamped his diet, relying on whole foods consumed in biblical times: raw, organically grown whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as fermented dairy, grass-fed beef and poultry. He also added a daily regimen of probiotics teeming with beneficial bacteria. The results were beyond anything Jordan could have hoped for. After 40 days on a biblically based diet, Jordan gained 29 pounds. The health revitalization he had been praying for had finally arrived. By his 21st birthday he was tipping the scales at more than 180 pounds, free of the digestive problems that had plagued him for years, and ready to reclaim his life. 
Beyond Organic Ranches

In 2009, Jordan launched a state-of-the-art grassland operation and organic dairy farm on nearly 8,000 acres in southern Missouri. Utilizing a mixed agricultural platform, the new company will concentrate on 100 percent GreenFedTM dairy, beef and other specialty foods. The ranches are farmed in accordance with Rubin’s biblical-based principles and the production practices will be detailed in a future book, Farming for Our Future. 

The primary initial product will be a new, fermented dairy beverage derived from traditional breeds of cattle that have been successfully bred to produce a highly digestible product that has not been available for more than 2,000 years.In addition to dairy cows, Jordan’s ranches will eventually have several thousand dairy sheep and dairy goats, allowing the ability to blend milk from all three species for truly distinctive dairy products. A herd of beef cows mostly Red Angus bulls native to the region will be kept and finished on grass.

When Jordan’s Beyond Organic ranches are fully operational, they will provide several hundred jobs for people in an economically depressed region of the Ozarks. Jordan’s mission is to use every square inch of the ranches to help provide high quality, nutrient dense, beyond organic foods to the surrounding communities as well as the entire nation. 

I am so excited about these products that are launching Nov 1st!  I am thrilled that Jordan is taking on the huge food corporations that DOMINATE our food sources with greed, corruption, and poor quality.  Check out the amazing products that they have to offer.  And sign up to be a "mission marketer" like myself and be a part of this amazing food movement :)  Spread the Word!

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