Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nutrition is a journey, not a destination

The other day I had a babysitter over and she asked me a funny question.  She said "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you buy all this organic/raw food?"  I stopped to think for a second.  Usually in these situations I try to do a quick 10 second evaluation on what the person asking me is really ready to hear.  I can have some pretty intense and long answers, which some listeners are not expecting.  In her case,  I knew that I had to keep the answer simple and practical.  I quickly responded: "The reason is because 90% of the food we eat outside the home is not organic/raw, so I want to make sure that everything we eat inside the home is organic and healthy.  We don't eat out that much, and when we do I don't have to worry about the quality -thanks to the fact that I know that the boys are being well nourished and properly fed at home. " Of course I didn't mention that when we eat out I often bring all my little home-made treats along with me in the I said sometimes it is just little steps.   I knew that she was not looking for a very detailed explanation about the health benefits of eating/raw organic, just a practical one.  If I can influence one teenager to stop eating junk food at home or school I believe that I have made a difference.  She always thanks me for having a nutritious meal to eat, not a frozen pizza or fast food like other families she babysits for.  Change happens one person at a time!

Nutrition is a journey, not a destination.  All of our stories are different, starting with how we were fed as children.  I have learned time and time again that we can not control the past, just the future.  Today is what matters most.  That is why you should eat Organic/raw today :)

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