Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Amasai Addiction

We have had our fair share of healthy yogurt, kefir, and fermented dairy products around this house.  My son that is 2 years old drinks about 20 ounces of drinkable yogurt a day.  We have a range of "yogurts" that he has been drinking since he was 2 months old.  Maybe that is why is is so healthy and strong.  He first started off on plain raw goat kefir at about 8 weeks old.  Then he moved up to drinkable raw cow milk yogurt at 4 months old and he has been chugging ever since.  Today we do a little of everything.  I find the healthiest and best products available, usually from farms or co-ops and that is what my son drinks.  When I found out about Beyond Organic I was so thrilled!  Really- I wanted to make an order that day :)  I have always had to go straight to the farm for my products or make them at home.  I read over Jordan Rubin's standards for Beyond Organic and I couldn't believe what I was reading.  He is doing things that most grass-fed/organic farmers don't even do.  Many of the well known organic brands in the health food store (that I buy when I am in a hurry) do not even compare to Beyond Organic standards.  You will get the idea when you learn more about why Amasai is unique.

1.            The Cattle – Before he invested in the first blade of grass, Jordan researched the genetic traits of specific breeds of cattle. What he found was a breed of cattle that carried a genetic trait that made their milk protein more digestible. Never one for half measures, Jordan meticulously tested every cow he intended to purchase and only bought ones that carried this genetic trait. 

2.            What the Cattle Eat – Great milk comes from great pastures. At Beyond Organic, we’ve spent years getting our pastures ready, from planting to irrigation to growing. Because our cows are only allowed to feed on the grasses, herbs, legumes and forbs growing out of the ground, we place great emphasis on soil regeneration—naturally. This means NEVER using pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on our certified organic land and NEVER using chemical medicines such as antibiotics or hormones on our animals.
3.            The Fat – Early feedback from Amasai fans says that people are surprised by two things: how much they crave Amasai and how much it satiates their appetite. This is due to the fact that Amasai is a “true whole milk” cultured dairy beverage. The fat from our GreenFed cattle is not good fat—it’s GREAT fat. We never skim the fat from the milk that our cows produce. 
4.            The Culturing Process – Unlike every other cultured dairy product available for sale, Amasai uses over 30 probiotic organisms to culture the milk. This leads to a more diverse set of beneficial bacteria that help provide you the abundant heath you crave. 
            They didn't even list a huge factor for me...which is convenience.  I know this may not be important to everyone, but like I said we go through about 120 ounces of yogurt a week.  That is a lot.  It is so nice to have it delivered to my house! 
            Yes, Amasai is unique and different.  But I am most impressed with Jordan Rubin.  He is very unique and different.  He is on a mission to help everyone have access to healthy and real foods that nourish and strengthen the body.  Someone at his level of success is taking the time to help everyone, even people like me who are just trying to get the best quality food to our children. Thanks Jordan Rubin.
            Check out Amasai here.


  1. We drank our last Amasai today--I felt a little guilty taking a few sips off the top. Our next order comes on Friday--Brian said he didn't think he could make it till then. Brian's Amasai smoothie helps him last from breakfast til dinner in case those busy work days don't permit a lunch hour.

  2. We are in the same boat- waiting on our next order. John is drinking 2 Amasai's a day for his new diet.