Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arnica is Amazing

Arnica is the #1 best selling homeopathic remedy in the world and my favorite all- round remedy.
Physical shock and trauma
- Especially helpful after the classic shock response after an accident or severe emotional upset. The person insists, “I’m fine, really. Leave me alone.” When they clearly aren’t fine at all. Really don’t want to be touched or fussed over.
Head Injuries- 
Reduces complication risks following a blow to the head. Reduces pain and swelling. Remember to seek trusted medical help, too.
 Take it and watch your lumps and bumps disappear, almost before your eyes.
Post childbirth-
 Will dramatically reduce recovery times, take as you would a painkiller, repeating as needed.  I used Arnica post delivery of my second son and I had a much faster recovery even though I needed more stitches.  
Exhaustion and fatigue
-Ideal for when you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! Of course it’s cheating and you will have to rest up later, but if you really must keep going take Arnica. Tour de France cyclists swear by it and so do women in labour.
Recover from Jet lag
-Take Arnica for second wind and you can keep awake long enough to get onto local time.

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