Monday, January 16, 2012

Processed Meat and Cancer

This weekend was very busy.  I was babysitting a nephew of mine while my brother and sister-in law moved.  I was a little tired on Saturday night so I sent my husband to the grocery store with the 2 boys.  I made a little list for him, but I knew he would take this shopping freedom and deviate from my organic items.  He came home with a frozen pizza, bacon, roast beef, and some deli turkey.  He also snuck in a bag of Doritos.  After he ate the pizza and Doritos he had to go into work.  He said that he felt terrible and couldn't focus.  I felt bad for him, but I was not surprised.  I had a bite of the pizza and my throat started hurting within a few minutes.  I also had a headache the rest of the afternoon.  No amount of Suero Viv could undo the damage :)  Lately we have really cut back on deli meat consumption.  It is not really healthy.  Of course, a turkey sandwich is better than McDonald's, but we are trying to eat more whole foods for lunch.  I think this is the hardest meal to not take shortcuts on.  I love sandwiches!!  We do still eat sandwiches when I make homemade chicken salad or a raw cheddar cheese melt.  These are some great alternatives to deli meat.  Here is an article that associates the consumption of processed meats with pancreatic cancer.  Go check it out.  This is serious stuff.
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