Friday, January 27, 2012

Seuro Viv Cleanses the Body

We love Suero Viv in our home.  I started to drink 2 a day and within 4 days I had lost 2 pounds.  The weight I lost was water weight and excess fluid retention.  I look and feel great.  Most Americans are Potassium deficient which is the mineral that is needed to help the body rid itself of the excess salt/sodium/ fluid in the tissues.  Anywhere there is extra "blubber" or cellulite there is also extra sodium .  It is not about consuming less salt to solve this problem.  It is all about consuming more potassium.  Now you can go out and buy lots of Potassium supplements to take each day, or you can consume this amazing electrolyte beverage that is packed with Potassium and other important minerals.  Here is a quick list of some of the other great benefits of Suero Viv.  You can check out the product here.

Benefits of Suero Viv

     Regenerates the intestinal flora
·       Eliminates excess fluid from tissues
·       Powerful anti-microbial properties
·       Powerful anti-oxidant concentrates
·       Enhanced circulation
·       Reduce muscle spasms
·       Mega-doses of electrolytes
·       Promotes stable blood sugar
·       Enhance fat metabolism

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