Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Sicky

Well my husband has caught the flu this week.  The interesting thing is that he is the only one in the house that is sick.  Myself and the boys are doing sequential homeopathy each month.  Maybe that is the difference.  Right now Grant and Garrett are going thru the Miasms.  Grant is clearing the Tuberculium Miasm and Garrett is just starting his first round and he is clearing the Psora Miasm.  Psora is the first miasm.  This is the miasm of the skin.  If u want to learn more about this- u can check out .   Our practitioner is Rudi and he is awesome.  The boys are doing great.  Which is why it is strange that my husband has come down with the flu.  Usually the parents get it from the kids, not the other way around. It is a bad case, but an easy flu to treat because the symptoms are so severe.  The more specific the better.
Bones Breaking= Eupatorium P. is known for prompt manner in which it relieves pain in limbs and muscles that accompanies influenza
Fever= Belladona is always associated with hot, red skin, restless sleep (he got up all thru the night making noises
Sore throat radiating to the ears/ really bad breath =Mercurius Solubilis 
Sharp Pain in neck/ stiff= Bryonia
Needs a pick me up/ better but can't get over the hump= Gelsemium.  This remedy is my favorite.  We are out so I need to go pick some up tomorrow.
 The flu is so easy to treat naturally.  If u have any flu questions.  Send them my way! Stay healthy.

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