Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alternative remedy for strep throat

I know there are tons of natural remedies for strep throat.  Just google it and you will find many herbs and other holistic alternatives.  My mother raised me sipping on a mixture of vinegar, water, and honey at the first sign of sore throat.  She still to this day uses this mixture to get rid of many random ailments and sicknesses.  Does it work? Yes, I have experienced relief first hand, not needing an antibiotic.  Sometimes these natural remedies do not work, just like antibiotics.  Everyone's immune system is different and some of us are more chronically ill than others.  It seems like every generation is getting a little sicker than the last.  I think it is important to have natural remedies on hand for the first sign of illness.  Then, when things don't get better or even if they get worse, there are always antibiotics that are accessible as a last resort.
One of my favorite homeopathic remedies for strep or staph is called: 
Staph and Strep Combo 200C: here
"Staph and Strep Combo helps with stubborn infections. Staph and Strep Combo is potency of Staphylococcinum and Streptococcinum. Staph and Strep Combo is useful for a myriad of problems that follow infections, such as ringing in ears following an ear infection.
Use Staph and Strep Combo for sore throat symptoms. Use Staph and Strep Combo at early stages of a sore throat as a preventative against strep throat. Use Staph and Strep Combo for lingering illness and low grade infections."
We have great success with it around our house.  I am someone that catches strep throat -3 times a year.  Now I nip it in the bud right in the beginning.  With this remedy and others I have been antibiotic free for over 4 years.  Pretty amazing I think :) 

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