Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why Raw milk?

People are often shocked when I tell them our family drinks raw milk.  There is a negative stigma associated with raw milk consumption.  I remember feeling apprehensive when I first discovered grass-fed raw milk and dairy products 4 years ago.  I was very nervous and unsure about the whole thing.  I had a lot of fears.  When I became educated on raw milk consumption, my fears went away.  Most people that learn the truth about raw milk "convert" and never look back.  Raw milk is worth the extra drive and the higher price.  You get what you pay for... a high quality nutrient dense food.  To this day I still have some immediate family members that make fun of me for my seemingly "strange" choices.  I just smile and keep on making the best educated choices for my family's health.  One of my favorite phrases when I was a teenager was "ignorance is bliss".  As adults, ignorance is not bliss.  We have no time to be ignorant and uneducated.  We must know the facts and make the right choices about food consumption for our families.  Here are some straightforward facts about raw milk.

Real Raw Milk: (it is important to get your raw milk from a licensed raw milk supplier/ or a dairy that employs safety and quality practices)
1. Is usually tolerated by those who are sickened by processed, store bought milk
2. Contains valuable natural enzymes, beneficial bacteria, amino acids, and antibodies
3. Contains natural butterfat so the body can utilize vitamins and minerals.  Full- fat milk reduces hunger.
4. Contains conjugated linoleic acid CLA which reduces body fat and fights disease.  High Omega 3's and low Omega 6's are the correct balance for these essential fats.
5. Sours instead of putrifying and can be lacto-fermented to make nutrient dense probiotics like yogurt, kefir, sour cream, and buttermilk
6. Extremely Safe if properly prepared.  Zero deaths reported in 14 years.

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