Friday, December 23, 2011

Lunchables- #7 Worst Supermarket Food

I found this interesting article on yahoo health today.  The Top 10 Worst Supermarket Foods.  You can read the article here.  As I was scrolling through the list I was not that surprised with what was ranked.  Then # 7 popped up and my stomach started to churn.  Children's health and nutrition is one of my greatest concerns.  From what we feed them at birth all the way up through school and even into adulthood.  Nutrition is especially important when our kids are in school because they need whole real foods that are nourishing and healthy.  Parents need to be educated enough on diet and nutrition to know that a lunchable is not an ideal meal.  Here is what the writer has to say about this boxed food, "For all the heat school lunch programs have been taking lately, it's hard to imagine cafeteria slop being any worse than what's inside this box. The ingredient list reads like a college organic chemistry final, littered as it is with bizarre preservatives, fillers, sweeteners, and partially hydrogenated oil. The hardest part is deciding which part of the Lunchable is the worst: the sugary Capri Sun, the Nestle Crunch bar, or the neon-orange cheese goo. Isn't it worth an extra few minutes to make sure your children go off to school with the best possible food in their bags?"

Please pass by this food in the grocery store and take a few minutes to prepare a healthy snack/ lunch.  It could be as simple as a slice of cheese on whole bread.  My son will eat it up.  Over time, the less junk you feed your kids the healthier they will want to eat.  It does get easier, even for the picky eater.  I have one of each...1 picky eater/ 1 non-picky eater.  There is a difference.

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