Monday, December 19, 2011

Illness comes from Within

"There is often the tendency to look for exterior infectious agents as the cause of illness.  We forget that the intestine that is functioning poorly leads to serious consequences for the whole body.  This is why, since most ancient times, lactic acid was used to clean the intestine.  Different types of lacto-fermented juices were used as preferred remedies against typhus and other illnesses of this type.  Recent research has shown that lactic-acid-producing bacteria can prevent growth of coliform bacteria and agents of cholera from establishing themselves in the intestine.  Even certain carcinogenic substances are inhibited and inactivated...The state of our intestinal flora contributes not only to the absorption of nutrients and the functioning of the intestine but also to our ability to resist infections." Annelies Schoneck Des Crudites Toute L'Annee (Nourishing Traditions 102).

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