Friday, December 2, 2011

Arsenic in Juice

You must go read this article, if you haven't already.  It is important to be educated consumers, especially when it comes to the food and drinks we consume.  It is important to buy local or from a company similar to Beyond Organics.  Either way, make sure your is trustworthy and worthy of your hard earned $$$.  Here are a few excerpts from the report that should make us all weary of ever buying any processed juice again.  Instead of juice your kids might like kombucha or SeuroViv, both very healthy alternatives.  

"Of almost 3,000 study participants those reporting apple-juice consumption had on average 19 percent greater levels of total urinary arsenic than those subjects who did not, and those who reported drinking grape juice had 20 percent higher levels. The results might understate the correlation between juice consumption and urinary arsenic levels because NHANES urinary data exclude children younger than 6, who tend to be big juice drinkers."

This part is very disturbing: "Over the years, a shift has occurred in how juice sold in America is produced. To make apple juice, manufacturers often blend water with apple-juice concentrate from multiple sources. For the past decade, most concentrate has come from China. Concerns have been raised about the possible continuing use of arsenical pesticides there, and several Chinese provinces that are primary apple-growing regions are known to have high arsenic concentrations in groundwater.
A much bigger test than ours would be needed to establish any correlation between elevated arsenic or lead levels and the juice concentrate’s country of origin. Samples we tested included some made from concentrate from multiple countries including Argentina, China, New Zealand, South Africa, and Turkey; others came from a single country. A few samples solely from the United States had elevated levels of lead or arsenic, and others did not. The same was true for samples containing only Chinese concentrate."

If the concentrate is coming from China, I think the juice manufacturers should be required to label it "Made in China".  I wonder how many people would actually buy it.  Do your own research.  You are the only one responsible for protecting your own health and the health of your children, not corporate America.  

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