Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beyond Organic Standards.

1)  Green-Fed
2)   Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer
Free Grazing
3)  Chemical Medicine Free
  - No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No de-wormers, No Vaccines
4)  Kind Treatment of Animals/Animal Friendly
      5) Sustainable Land and Soil Management

Unless you are ordering your food directly from your farmer (and you know his/her farming standards), you are not getting this quality.  Did you know that to be called "green wise" or organic for meat- the animal only needs to be fed a diet that is 30% or more organic.  So you are paying a top dollar for something that is 1/3 organic! That is crazy! And a rip-off! If you are paying top dollar you should get top dollar! This meat is 100% grass-fed and green fed.  No "organic soy" feed here.  Check out these healthy and happy ladies :)

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