Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fermented Foods and Gut Flora

I am a HUGE fan of fermented and cultured foods.  We must be eating foods daily that help our bodies fight off illness and bad bacteria.  We do this by eating foods containing probiotics and good bacteria.  Fermentation helps restore good bacteria to our bodies and also predigests our food before it even enters our mouths.  This make digestions easier on our sometimes sensitive stomachs.  Talk about strong little "buggies" :) I try to include something fermented in 2 of the 3 meals a day.  And then with drinks throughout the day.  Fermented foods that the boys and I eat/drink daily: kombucha, keifer, yogurt, fermented grains (rice, quinoa, wheat), and fermented condiments.  Last night I fermented the pizza dough by replacing a cup of water with whey and letting it sit a little longer.  It was so good :) Even John was pretty impressed, which is tough to do because he comes from a  family of amazing dough makers!  It is such an easy step, but the rewards are ten fold for your health and your gut! We use the word "gut" around here a lot.  Just get used to it.  Did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut??? So if you are sick a lot, you can pretty much assume that your gut flora is not doing too well either.  Get it.  Got it.  Good!

Here is an article in The New York Times that talks about the overuse of antibiotics and the dangers associated with it. "Overuse of antibiotics has led to the creation of drug-resistant bacteria — so-called superbugs, like methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. But now some researchers are exploring an equally unsettling possibility: Antibiotic abuse may also be contributing to the increasing incidence of obesity, as well as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux."

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