Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is Publix GreenWise?

In my beginning days of eating healthy I would buy Publix GreenWise.  What is Publix GreenWise?  Doing a little research I found this little golden nugget.

Facts about Publix GreenWise Market Chicken:
1. No antibiotics and hormones are ever administered.
2. Raised entirely on a vegetarian diet, primarily corn and soy (Not Organic?!?)
3. Air- chilled for less water retention and a more natural flavor.
4. All Publix GreenWise Market Market Chicken is from Florida.

What does #2 really mean? All vegetarian diet means soy and corn, in this case.  Not Grass-fed or Green-fed.  Not even organic soy and corn.  Could it be GMO soy and corn?  My guess is YES!  I don't even want to think about the diet that these cows and chickens are being fed.  I am very glad that they are not using hormones and antibiotics, but what about vaccines and de-wormers?  You are paying twice as much money for something that is not twice the value.  Do not waste your hard earned money.  Buy local beef and chicken here.  Florida has some great farms where you can buy grass-fed beef.  We have been buying local beef for about a year now and it is so much better.

Or buy from Beyond Organics here to have it delivered to your door.  For now they offer hamburger and hot dogs.  They will be adding more products as they grow.  Remember know your food!


  1. Do you know anywhere you can buy better quality, or grass feed meat with ebt cards in Florida off chance?

  2. Greenwise chicken is air chilled like Bell and Evans rather than regular chicken that has been soaked in a bath of chlorinated water - which gets in to meat -who wants to eat chlorine -- so Greenwise is worth it -

    1. It's one step better but they're still fed GMO grain. That means Roundup on the grain. That's what I want to avoid and is even worse than some chlorine.

  3. Back in mid 20th century we believed that American farming was most enlightened and we talk primitive countries about crop rotation. Oh how thing$ have changed.

  4. I only eat step 5+ meat from whole foods market. Can greenwise be labeled in the same category? I do not see the step rating anywhere online.

  5. I never got a definitive answer to the question: "What is Greenwise?". The employees at Publix tell me that it is just like organic, but not certified. There is no information on the Internet to back this up.

    My guess is that Greenwise is whatever they want it to be at the time. It doesn't make sense to me, to pay the price of organic, without any assurance that it is a similar quality product.

  6. Thank you for this information!

  7. Where in Fort Lauderdale can you buy grass fed beef?