Sunday, November 20, 2011

Infusion Process

When I first heard that Beyond Organics was selling water infused with fruit and veggies I didn't really understand what that meant.  Now that I have tasted the water drinks I was even more interested.  What is this infusion process?  Here is a great explanation from one of my team members Wendimere Reilly.  I hope this helps others understand it better!

It is vegetable infusion - it is a technology that concentrates down fruits and veggies at a 500:1 ratio, meaning 500 pounds of beet juice to yield 1 pound of beet juice. That super concentrated liquid is then filtered through extremely tight filters leaving behind "low-molecular weight" compounds from the beet - the antioxidant essence we discuss on the label.

This powder is highly concentrated and low molecular weight and EXTREMELY SOLUBLE, which provided much of the benefit associated with the vegetable itself, but without any calories or sugar.

This is essentially the "infusion" process.

There is actually a noticeable color difference in Infusions, if someone pours into a clear glass and then compares it with Reign Supreme in the same kind of glass for comparison.

Any more questions??? Just leave me a comment and I will answer it :)

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