Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bisphenol A

I just stumbled across this bog called Non-Toxic Kids.  It has some really interesting articles about keeping the environment safe and healthy.  They also have articles about eating Non-Toxic Food that you should check out.

She blogs about big factory farms: "I learned about the connections between factory farming and air pollution. Not only does industrial factory farming increase global warming, pollute ecosystems, and drinking water, it harms our air quality in significant ways."
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Beyond Organics has a water bottle line that is BPA free and 100% biodegradable.  The bottle can be composted.  That is pretty cool.  I have not seen another company that sells water already bottled that is BPA free.  I always buy my kids bottles and plates BPA free and I am so excited to have a pure source of water for the kids that I can carry on the go that is bottled without BPA.  One less thing for me to worry about as a mom :) I love that about this product!

What is BPA? Bisphenol A (BPA)
-chief building block of polycarbonate plastic
-hard plastic commonly used to construct water bottles, kitchen utensils, travel mugs, food storage containers and travel mugs
-major element of the epoxy linings found in beverage and metal food cans

Health Problems From Being Exposed to BPA

  • -neural problems in a pregnant woman's fetus 
    -behavioral problems in infants and older children
    -prostate problems in men, problems with mammary glands, and early puberty in young girls 
    -unborn baby may be negatively affected, resulting in birth defects or reduced birth weight 
    -may also cause the pregnant mother to miscarry. 
    -health problems such as cancer, infertility and breast cancer
    -can provoke chronic toxicity in the human body
    Ways To Avoid BPA: from Happy Healthy Long Life Blog
    • Stay away from cans.  That means no soft drinks, no canned beer, no cans of V-8, no canned soups, no canned tomatoes, you name it!  By the way, Japan eliminated 95% of the BPA from their cans 10 years ago.  But stay away from cans from China-it's in theirs.
    • Throw out your hard clear polycarbonate plastics.  All the BPA expert scientists have switched to stainless steel water bottles like Klean Kanteen
    • Don't heat plastic in the microwave.
    • Don't wash plastic in the dishwasher.
    • Don't use harsh detergents on plastic.
    • Don't put hot food or liquids into plastic.
    • Switch to microwave-safe glass for storing & reheating foods. I've been searching all over without luck for those old-fashioned pyrex refrigerator containers.  Thanks to my resourceful daughter-in-law I found out that they're at Crate and Barrel.
    • Seriously consider filtering your water with a carbon filter or reverse osmosis system.  BPA and other estrogenic substances have been found in groundwater from the runoff of discarded plastics, livestock hormones and even oral contraceptives.  Remember the recent reports of pharmaceuticals found in our water systems?  Maybe I'm over-reacting, but the BPA scientists are filtering their water.
    • Stainmaster carpet, Teflon coatings, the fire retardant chemicals on upholstery & in pajamas, and polyurethane foam furniture all have phthalates or PBDE, unless they specifically say otherwise.  Educate yourself!   

    Check out this blog.  He is a scientist and has some great links related to this issue. More here

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