Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kidney Stones and diet

My brother was in the ER this morning for kidney stones.  He passed a big stone this time.  If you have ever had a kidney stone you know the pain I am talking about.  It is not a pleasant experience.    I personally used to get them a lot, before I changed my eating habits and diet.  Recurring kidney stones was my first chronic health problem.  This painful condition left me with many unanswered questions.  Did you know that there is no cure for kidney stones?  They don't even really know the reason people get kidney stones.  The doctors left me with no hope of a normal life, just an endless prescription for pain killers.  The pain medicine only made me sicker and more unhappy.

My stubborn personality did not accept this for an answer.  I knew there was a way to heal, even though I didn't know how or what.  That is when I began "looking" as I like to call it, not just listening to what doctors told me.  I started to question diet and the food that I ate.  I was "healthy" from the outside onlooker, but suffered from many inside issues: bad digestion, recurrent infections, adrenal fatigue, allergies, and other issues from a lifetime of stress and chemical exposure.  I realized that diet was my #1 source of chemical exposure.  Toxins are EVERYWHERE: food, water, medicines, household products, personal products, etc.  Just because something is on the shelf at the grocery store, does not mean that it is safe to eat or drink.  What does the word "safe" really mean when it comes to food regulation.  In my opinion, if the FDA approves something they are only saying:"It Won't Kill You Today".  They are not saying: "It Is Safe To Eat or Drink".  Just because something is FDA approved, does not mean it is safe.  We live in a passive society where we trust what agencies approve and disapprove without using our own judgment and common sense.  Follow your instincts and read the labels.

If you can't pronounce the ingredient or you don't know what it means....don't buy it.  It might not kill you today, but it will be killing you slowly over time with: allergies, infertility, bad digestion, acid reflux, cancer, adrenal fatigue, arthritis, and in my brother's case Kidney Stones.  Maybe kidney stones are just hard to ignore, so he has no choice but to change.  Either way, I hope that my brother cleans ups his diet like I did. Eat Real Food! Replace your caffeinated soda with fermented dairy products and cultured beverages.  Heal your "gut".  Take care of your body and your health.  And in my brother's situation, he needs to start with a high dose probiotic and magnesium supplement.   Which can be found here and here.  You can be kidney stone free through diet and proper nutrition :) There is hope.


  1. I love the lemonade flavored Magnesium drink :) I'll be buying some of that soon to get me through this pregnancy! I can't see the other picture very good, but I'll follow the link and see where it takes me :)

  2. thanks. HMF probiotics- strongest on the market...i think the site links u right to it! love the mag drink for pregnancy :)