Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No more canned soups please!

Make yourself a new nutrition goal today.  One that is simple, but has long term health benefits: No more canned soups.  I guess if you eat them often, cutting back on your consumption by 50 percent would be a great start.  Don't even buy them, because their convenience may be too tempting.  They are loaded with BPA.  In this recent study (here) - BPA spikes 1,200 percent after eating canned soup.  Remember the health problems associated with BPA exposure:
  • -behavioral problems in infants and older children
    -prostate problems in men, problems with mammary glands, and early puberty in young girls 
    -birth defects or reduced birth weight 
    -may also cause the pregnant mother to miscarry. 
    -health problems such as cancer, infertility and breast cancer
    -can provoke chronic toxicity in the human body
    - hormonal disruption
    Better yet- make your own soup.  It is much less expensive and just as quick as grabbing a can- if you make it ahead of time.   Do not reheat the soup in plastic ever.  Make sure you are reheating in glass if you are not able to reheat on a stove.   A little food planning and preparation can go a long way for your health and your wallet :)

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