Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lacto-fermented Beverages

Nourishing Traditions is the cookbook that I call my "kitchen bible".  It is my source for making any regular recipe more nutritious.  I especially love the different kinds of nourishing lacto-feremented beverages that are taught in this book.  What is lacto-fermenation?  "Lacto-fermenation is a process whereby special bacteria transform sugar and starches into beneficial acids.  These drinks are valued for the medicinal qualities including the ability to relieve intestinal problems and constipation.  They encourage lactation, strengthen the sick, enhance digestion and promote overall well-being and stamina.  Above all, these drinks are considered superior to plain water in their ability to relieve thirst during physical labor.  Many vitamins and minerals are lost through perspiration.  Natural lactic-acid fermented drinks contain numerous valuable minerals in ionized form and small amounts of natural sugars along with lactic acid and beneficial lactobacilli, all of which promote good health in many ways, while at the same time satisfying the sensation of thirst." 
-Nourishing Traditions p54

These beverages can be made from so many fun things.  They can be made from fruits, milk, sap, herbs, and grains.  We drink kefir and kombucha which are both lacto-fermented beverages.  Here are the Nutrition Facts for Synergy Kombucha (8 ounce bottle) :
Folic Acid- 25%
Vit B2- 20%
Vit B6- 20%
Vit B1- 20%
Vit B3- 20%
Vit B12- 20%
Probiotic content: Lactobacillus Bacterium: 1 billion organisms, S. Boulardii: 1 billion organisms
Antioxidants and Organic Acids: EGCG 100mg- Glucuronic Acid 10 mg, Lactic Acid 25 mg, Acetic Acid 30 mg

This drink is loaded with B Vitamins (most Americans are severely deficient) and strong Probiotics.  These drinks help resolve bacterial infections, viral infections, yeast infections, and parasitic infections.  They help "restore, regenerate, replenish, and revitalize" the immune system.  
Our favorite flavor around here is Grape!

Fun Beverage Recipes to Check out: (from Nourishing Traditions)
1. Sweet Potato Soda
2. Beet Kvass
3. Kombucha
4. Apple Cidar
5. Root Beer

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  1. wow I must try the sweet potato soda! I love sweet potato anything!