Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Low-fat Dairy linked to reduced fertility in women

"The study showed that women who ate more than two portions a day of low fat dairy foods were 85 per cent more likely to be infertile due to ovulatory disorders than those who only ate it less than once a week.
Conversely they found that women who ate full-fat dairy foods, including ice cream, more than once per day had a 25 per cent reduced risk of infertility due to ovulatory disorders compared to those who ate full-fat dairy foods only once a week.
The researchers concluded that "High intake of low-fat dairy foods may increase the risk of anovulatory infertility whereas intake of high-fat dairy foods may decrease this risk".
The researchers suggest that a fat-soluble substance in the full-fat dairy foods could be responsible for improved ovarian function, and that this substance is removed when full-fat dairy produce is converted to low-fat.
There could be other reasons too, to do with hormone balance. For instance, when full-fat milk is processed to give skimmed milk, whey protein is usually added back in to improve taste and colour. In tests with mice, whey protein is suspected of increasing testosterone-like effects."

This last paragraph is what concerns me the most.  Our health depends on hormonal balance.  We need hormonal balance physically -for obvious reasons, but we also need balance for emotional and psychological reasons.  Sometimes we only pay attention to our physical needs, and our other needs take the back seat.  To be "whole", we need to make sure the foods we are eating are not only helping us physically, but mentally too.  Drink Whole RAW MILK and consume full-fat cultured dairy products :) Take charge of your health.

-The rest of the study can be found here


  1. wow, I really didn't know that. All these years I have been consuming low fat dairy products. I really want to try raw milk!

  2. I know sara- I wish someone had told me this when i was trying to conceive...I am glad I know now for next time :)